Friday, September 25, 2009


Tell u


I suffered from that yesterday...somehow felt like dying...aiks
I know as a kid or teen shall not have the thought like this.
I know food poisoning can actually causes death.

OH MY GOD! it was the second time i felt like dying...
i juz lied on the bed for many hours.
I'm dehydrated...i can't even feel that i have saliva.
My stomach in pain..most of the time i'll suffer from gastric when i'm not feeling well.
I even thought that my stomach will have a hole on the wall...n start bleeding...
*my eyes are wet*

Well, i consumed two charcoal tablets and four gastric tablets yesterday.
early in the morning, i thought that i juz had some problems with my stomach, mayb i ate too much?? Then i tried to eat something to make myself feel better.
So unexpected, whatever i ate or drank it juz vomited out.
After vomiting, my stomach started to ache.. AGAIN!

vomited three times..zZ

my advice for u,


Wednesday, June 3, 2009


The holiday is on..
so wat~ tuition still on~
didn't extra happy pun..same saje..sebab duit tak de~
Shopping? i want! movie? of coz! Sing K? Obviously..
now i remember that i haven start doing my holiday homework...
During the exam last time , i really thought of studying n do my revisions..
but now? i duno la~~

Holidays are juz normal days for me to have more hours on the computer
days for me to spend all my money..of coz im trying to save!
No mood la goin tuition..ish
normal days i really feel nothing, but now holiday wor....
juz cant concentrate in the class ==

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Late Nite

Wow...wats the time now
It's 12.57 a.m not p.m.
The first time i'm still on the laptop at this late hours. It's not consider late but early for the guys..i know~~ lalala
I feel more sleepy juz now but now...less.
After reading other blogs, i've read the blogs that i haven't read before this. =P
i'll continue to search as many blogs as i can~~ XD

Good Nittttttttteeeeeeeeeeeee =P

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tests Results ( not school exam test laa)

I think i'm so wu liao to post this.
These are some tests' results that i took in Facebook~ LOL
---hapi----~ HAHA =P
normally ur result wont b so bad, t
he tests wont simply hurt ur feelings. It will juz come out with something make u happy?? XD

Dr. Phil's Personality Test

Your Result: The Lively Center of Attention

Others see you as fresh, lively, charming, amusing, practical, and always interesting; someone who's constantly in the center of attention, but sufficiently well-balanced not one to let it go to their head. They also see you as kind, considerate, and understanding; someone who'll always cheer them up and help them out.

What Colour Is Your Heart? ( omg , all the adjectives~ )

The Violet Heart is resourceful, thorough, dependable, responsible, loyal, patient, placid, stable, sensual, affectionate, comfortable, solid, earthy, strong, money-oriented, practical, productive, cautious, musical, and artistic. They can also sometimes be stubborn, indulgent, insecure, acquisitive, possessive, rigid, stodgy and slow.

What Disney Princess Are You?

Your Result: Ariel

You are Ariel, be happy and relax.You were born to lead and are a natural star with hidden talents. Your surprise is waiting for you, who knows when it will come? ( I hope to know wats the surprise haha)

Who Were You In Past Life?

Your Result: Ghandi ( Ghandi?? LOL-ing!)

In your past life you were Ghandi. In this life you continue to have a strong resolve, are steadfast in your beliefs, very patriotic, moral, and caring.

Are you a girly girl or tomgirl?

Your a serious girly girl!!.

you love the glitter and pretty dresses!! and you just love bein a girly-girl!! ( is this true?? )

What type of guy do you attract?

Artists ( the result wasn't answering the question..==' )

You have aura which brings allures great thinkers and free spirits to fawn over you. They see you as a muse, which can be a problem because you are placed on such a high pedestal, but you like the attention. Don't deny it! However, you might not be able to understand everything they are trying to say, but after passing the pipe around, you'll be seeing amazing things as well. If you are someone who is adventurous and loves to live outside the box, they will open your eyes to another world. Be ready to fly!

What kind of girl are you?

The Sweetheart

Everyone loves the sweetheart. You care about everyone, and honestly feel for those who aren't as fortunate as you. You sometimes hide behind your more popular friends. Maybe sometimes you care too much bout others. Make sure your thinking of yourself once in a while. ( hmm..correct. =)

What type of guy is for you?

Preppy Guy ( Wat's this word mean? ><" ) You will fall for a PEREP! You love the type of guys with the poped collers, hell! Who doesnt!! What kind of guy is perfect for you?

Good Looking

Your guy is very good looking but he mioght not be the nicest guy around but he loves you and you love him back thats what matter sthe most!

What Charmed character are you?

Phoebe Halliwell

Youve always been carefree, loving, and a bit rebellious. Youve never been the responsible one, especially with your love life. Finally, your freedom ends and your hit with responsibility, stressed and confused, you finally find a point of perspective, but you still have a lot of fun with the guys, you seem to go for more dangerous ones, especially ones from he*ll ;)
( yea, all my negative sides are written here T_T )

Which fairytale do you belong to?

Snow White ( wakakazZ )

You face trials and tribulations but end up with the sexy guy you deserve! Your determined and caring, and enjoy small men carry pickaxes.

What character are you in Disney?

Chicken Little ( HHAHAA..cute wat )

You like to read book and a loving person. Anything you do sometime wrong but end good. Your friends are really close to you and willing to help if you are in trouble. Your girl is shy, but still brave

What element are you?

Water ( Dont think fire is my enemy lo..)

You are calm and cool most of the time but when someone gets on your nerves you become a typhoon! Almost everybody is your friend. Your enemy is Fire.

What season are you?

Autumn ( so, am i romantic?? )

You enjoy sitting down after a long hard day and relaxing. You typically aren't hyper, but you can get excited. You enjoy helping others to start off a new thing, but leave it to them to finish on their own. You will get along well with winters, but avoid summers.

OH NO YOU DIDN't ! THE Bitch Test ( ooH? )

Engaging Bitch

Honey you are hilarious because you just can't quite get it! (LOL!! )

* more results next time. XD

Saturday, March 7, 2009




Sunday, February 1, 2009



红包拿来啦~ (缺钱用叻~) 都知道这句话不管用了,我也很少讲了。因为它会带来反效果。。哈哈 祝大家牛年行大运吧

( 去了blackjack 那儿玩了一下 )

* 頭腦很聰明,腦筋動的很快
* 感覺也很敏銳,喜歡改變舊事物,追求創新
* 喜歡推翻守舊派的古板理論,對於沒有科學根據事物非常難接受
* 走在時代尖端,跟得上流行腳步


谢谢 =P

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Latihan Rumah Sukan

Today was the first day for rumah sukan...

I'm a Neptune people!
Neptune is the best!! HOHO ( why im so semangat...)

Overall today was ok...
the most enjoyable latihan rumah i ever had. Its true...of course~
Guess wat? We went back at 3...wee hoo~ ^^V
That time i was asking my frens. "so FAST?? " when Encik Zahan said that we can go back edi. haha
The practice started at about 2.20...and i finished my lunch at 2.15. FoO~
Me and Suvi were eating so fast...zz (I haven enjoy the food la wei~ )

The weather was super duper 'good'~
Matahari terik hanging on the sky...all of us were burning.

Even though it was hot, but with our 'full' cooperation, the practice ended earlier.
I guess it's the earliest among the rumahS. See, Neptune so good~

Tired la, cabut! zao lou! bye